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A Letter from the Artistic Director

da Corneto Opera proudly welcomes you to our 15th concert season!

Why concert opera?
Founded and managed by opera singers, da Corneto exists to provide opportunities for talented opera singers. Our concert format allows us to focus on what we care about the most: BEAUTIFUL MUSIC AND BEAUTIFUL SINGING. As Artistic Director, I cannot help but feel that in saying this I am out of touch with the reality of today’s operatic stage; as companies are increasingly concerned with greater visual spectacle, the music has become subordinate to the whims of the stage director. Why go against this trend?

At da Corneto we believe that opera is at least 95% music and voice. In recent years, I have not attended any performances where this much importance was given to things musical. As a singer and as an audience member, I feel dismayed when beautiful vocal lines or powerful choral and orchestral passages are completely overshadowed by “imaginative staging.” I believe that the music of the great masters can convey both great drama and great comedy without the help of over-elaborate and, often, obtrusive choreography.

Rossini, one of the greatest operatic composers of all time, said that opera is three things: voice, voice and more voice. We at da Corneto are in total agreement. To us, an opera singer is not a “singing actor.” Opera singers are a completely different species. We spend many years perfecting only one thing: our voice. At da Corneto, we are, if anything, “acting singers” or “singers who act with their voices,” but above all, singers.

We are more convinced than ever that our audience members appreciate beautiful music and singing. We plan to be here for many years to come, providing our audiences with great performances of very challenging repertoire. Why these particular works? Simply because we have the voices to do them justice. Please do not take my word for it- judge for yourself!

Thank you for joining us as we enter our second decade of high-quality opera programming. I promise — you will not be disappointed.

Álvaro Ramírez
Artistic Director